Region 7 consists of Canine Teams from the New York and Connecticut areas. The United States Police Canine Association has seven main objectives and purposes that are designed to unite and standardize all agencies utilizing the services of the canine as an aid in the prevention and detection of crime. Click Here to read more about us and learn how we work to better serve the members of our association and our community.

  • The Region 7 PD1 will take place in Albany, NY on June 22 and 23. Last day to sign up is June 16. 
  • Please also visit us on Instagram @uspca_region 7 and use the hash tag #uspcaregion7 for your photos to be featured


I would like to thank all the members who showed their support by electing me to the position of National President of the USPCA.  I am extremely honored and will do my best to keep you, my fellow handlers, my first priority.  Together we will grow the USPCA to strengthen unity and protect our members from across the Nation.  I look forward to working together over the next few years.  Thank you and be safe!!!  Wayne Rothschild, NYPD Transit Bureau Canine Unit.