Citations Procedure Region 7 issues citations to members for the work that they do with their K9 partners. The citations are awarded for the performance of their duties as law enforcement officers and they reflect the highest tradition of police service to the community. The citations are issued for such events as successful narcotics searches, explosive detection searches, tracks for lost, missing or wanted persons, building searches for hidden subjects, evidence searches, and handler protection to name a few. The procedure we have established for applying of a citations as follows: 1. On departmental stationary, outline the specific function that the handler and K9 performed. 2. Make five copies of the paperwork or send a email with the copies to : Alison Gentile – Secretary:  The region will accept jobs that are less than one year old for consideration. In order for your job to be sent to the National Association and be considered for Top Case of the quarter, it must be submitted within the past three months. There is no exception for this award. At this point, your work is done.  Alison will distribute the job to the others board members and they will vote on your job.
  • –  Your job can have one of the three types of votes.
  • –  “No Citation”
  • –  “B” Citation
  • –  “A” Citation which is usually reserved for contact with an armed subject. 

If your job is awarded a citation from the region, one will be printed for you and signed by Regional officers. Your job is then placed with other jobs from the same quarter of the year and a vote is taken as to which job the trustees feel is the top case of that quarter year. The top case from the region for Patrol and Detector is sent into the National Association and a plaque is awarded for each. The National Association now takes all the cases from all the Regions for that quarter and selects a top case for the Nation. A plaque is issued to that team from the National Association at the end of the year. The National Association picks the top case of the year from the 4 quarterly cases that they have previously voted. The winning team is then invited to attend the National Dog Trials with his/her K9 and a presentation is made at the awards banquet for Top Case Of The Year.
The quarters are:
  • 1st – Jan/Feb/Mar and then sent to the Nationals by April 30th.
  • 2nd  – April/May/Jun and then sent to the Nationals by July 31.
  • 3rd – Jul/Aug/Sept and then sent to the Nationals by October 31.
  • 4th  – Oct/Nov/Dec and then sent to the Nationals by January 31.

As you can see, there is a process in place that must be followed, so if you have a job, get it to Alison Gentile – Secretary ASAP… If you have any question you can email Alison at