NYS PENAL LAW—Section 195.06 — Killing or injuring a police animal. A person is guilty of killing or injuring a police animal when such person intentionally kills or injuries any animal while such animal is in the performance of its duties and under the supervision of a police or peace officer. Killing or injuring a police animal is a class A misdemeanor. We want to thank all of you who have so generously supported the USPCA Region 7 in our efforts to make sure that all of our canine partners are always protected from those that might want to harm them. Unfortunate but true, sometimes a police agency just can’t afford to purchase a ballistic vest for their canine. This can happen when there just isn’t enough money in a municipal budget to cover the expense. It is one of the primary goals of Region 7 to make sure all of our canines are fully and properly protected when its time to do our job but we can’t do it without your support and help. If you wish to make a donation to help us purchase a vest or other equipment needed by our canine partners please contact us by clicking on “Contact Us”. If you are a USPCA Region 7 K-9 Police Officer and need a vest, please submit a written request on department letterhead and forward to Trustee Nelson Hernandez. If you’d care to make a secure online donation: