The USPCA Region 7 scholarship program is provided to benefit the children/grandchildren of members who are working hard to ensure a brighter future by continuing their education. The region has set aside $5000.00 annually for the specific purpose of assisting with the rising cost of education. Twice annually, the region will award five students a scholarship of $500.00 dollars. Selection for the award is to take place at the ——– USPCA Region 7 meeting. Names of all applicants are to be placed into a hat and selected at random in front of membership in attendance. Awards will be presented during the ——- meeting. The guidelines for eligibility of the USPCA Scholarship program are to ensure applicants receive financial assistance as fairly as possible. All awards are to be used exclusively for the purpose of continuing education. In order to be eligible to receive this award each applicant should meet the following criteria.
  1. Be a high school senior or high school graduate in any year of college.
  2. Have maintained a “B” average in classes attended during the previous year.
  3. Be the son /daughter grandson/granddaughter of a USPCA region 7 active member.
  4. Be currently enrolled in an accredited college or trade school. (High school seniors should be enrolled for the following school year fall semester.
The region will announce upcoming scholarship selection at the ——- meeting and in the newsletter prior to selection. Members interested in having their children be eligible to receive a scholarship award should be in attendance of the meeting when selection is to be held. An application for candidates must be completed and presented to the region board at a regular meeting. In the event that members are not available to be in attendance any member in attendance may nominate the student for the award by presenting a completed application. Winners of scholarships are limited to three awards unless there are no other applicants for that particular year. Protests should be presented to the Region 7 Board. Any decision by the Region 7 Board shall be final. Scholarship Application can be Downloaded by Clicking Here.